Carmen Weith 
Marketing Kommunikation

Short CV Carmen Weith.

Executive managing partner of Cavok Consulting SARL.


In 2006, merger of CS Marketing with CAVOK Consulting SARL with its place of business in Alsace, France, only a thirty minutes’ drive away from Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden, Germany.  


In 2002, CS Marketing was founded in Bergisch-Gladbach (near Cologne) focusing on marketing communications for the health care system.


From 1996 - 2006, Mrs. Carmen Weith held top positions in national and international companies in the health care sector.

GE Healthcare (marketing communications - Management Award 2005 One GE Healthcare)

GMD, Gesellschaft für medizinische Datenverarbeitung mbH, a medical data processing company, now known as NoemaLife (marketing communications, investor relations)

NEXUS AG (marketing communications, investor relations, IPO 2000)

SMS Shared Medical Systems / Siemens AG – now known as Cerner Corporation (marketing communications)

KIS GmbH (JenOpitk AG) – now known as NEXUS AG (marketing communications).  



Numerous companies have benefitted from my services. I will be pleased to send you some copies for review and extracts upon request.