Short CV Carmen Weith.


Merger of CS Marketing with CAVOK Consulting s.a.r.l with its place of business in Alsace, France, only a five minutes’ drive away from Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden.

 In 2002

CS Marketing was founded in Bergisch-Gladbach (NRW) focusing on marketing communications for the health care system. 

From 1996 - 2006

Carmen Weith held top positions in national and international companies in the health care sector. 

  • GE Healthcare (marketing communications - Management Award 2005 One GE Healthcare)
  • GMD, Gesellschaft für medizinische Datenverarbeitung mbH, a medical data processing company, now known as NoemaLife, Italy (marketing communications, investor relations) 
  • NEXUS AG (marketing communications, investor relations, IPO 2000) 
  • SMS Shared Medical Systems / Siemens AG – now known as Cerner Corporation (marketing communications) 
  • JenOpitk AG – now known as NEXUS AG (marketing communications).